The Miracle We Met- Becoming You Lyrics (Min Chae) Ost 3


Becoming You by Min Chae  is the 3rd Ost of The Miracle We Met . The Miracle We Met is about A man who dies in a car crash, but awakes with the spirit on another person. He becomes the head of two families and he agonizes over his two different wives. Check out Becoming You by Min Chae music video and lyrics below and all the other Ost’s of  The Miracle We Met  here at dramaswag.

Becoming You Lyrics –Romanized

kkok gijeogi
naege chajaon geoscheoreom
geudaega naegero ogo

nal gamssaneun geudaeui modeun ge
geuripgo geuriun bami

jogeumssik muldeureo
gyejeol kkot hyanggicheoreom
nae jageun kkum soge
Need you miss you
Love you dasi
jogeumssik ireohge muldeureo

i modeun ge
machi jeonghaejin geoscheoreom
tto han beon sarangi ogo

nal bichuneun geudaeui nunbicce
ijeossdeon ttaseuhan mami

jogeumssik muldeureo
saebyeok iseulbicheoreom
memareun gaseume
Need you miss you
Love you dasi
jogeumssik neoege muldeureo

neoege muldeureo
nal seuchyeogadeon nunmuldeulgwa
gireossdeon bamdeuri modu
huimihaejyeo gago

neoege muldeureo
dasin jiul su eopsneun
unmyeongin geoscheoreom
Love you Love you
Love you nae mam gadeukhi
neoege muldeureo


Becoming You Lyrics -English Translation

Like a miracle
You came to me

When all of you that wraps around me
And the nights I long for come

I’m slowly colored
Like the scent of the seasonal flowers
In my small dreams
Need you miss you
Love you again
Slowly colored like this

As if all of this
Has already been decided
Love comes once again

Your eyes that shine on me
Make the warmth that I forgot about
Come back into my heart

I’m slowly colored
Like the morning dew rain
That falls into my dry heart
Need you miss you
Love you again
Slowly colored by you

I’m colored by you
Tears that passed me by
And all of the long nights
Fade away

I’m colored by you
Like destiny
That can’t ever be erased
Love you Love you
Love you, filled in my heart
I’m colored by you

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Info- music.naver
English translation – Youtube


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