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Dramaswag is here to present top 10 best songs of EXO,one of the biggest KPOP group of this era. They debuted in 2012.Since then they have given us songs across different genres and catchy dance numbers to jam to.We decided to list out the top 10 EXO songs which one should  never miss out and are definitely a must on your playlist.

Check out our top 10 list and let us know in the comments if your favourite is missing


10. What is love (2013) 


We say one of top 10 best songs of EXO guys is “What is love“. This was the first pre-debut single released, and it is classic song as probably many of all  heard already. Moreover, love the duet between D.O and Baekhyun both of these facts reminds one immediately, What is Love? is simpler and more well-structured other than KPOP ballads.




9. Overdose (2014)


And another one of the best songs by exo is Overdose, here is why we say that.A dense brew of inventive production elements, the track is anchored by its sing along hook and skeletal trap beat. The song is about a “dangerously addictive” love and the passion can especially be heard in Chanyeol’s fierce rap part near the end.


8.Lotto (2016)

So the 8th best of the most popular songs of EXO is “Lotto“. It is one of the addictive song of EXO in vocals and dance suits the song pretty well. Love the “pokie machine handle” dance. It fits in with the sound and concept of the song but at the same time, emphasises the sexy and ediger side of the guys.Compare to MV,in Live version of the dance break they have is aesthetic and probably the most memorable part of the dance.


7. Mama (2012)


And Mama again here is one of the most popular EXO song not for no reason.It stands as a sterling example of everything high budget song can be.This song is sort of an introductory song to the members demonstrating each of their powers.The powerful vocals and high notes showcase the members vocal talents.

6. Love Me Right (2015)

One of the funkiest tracks the group has ever produced is Love Me Right so it is our 6th best song of EXO. is a streamlined thrill-ride throughout.Baekhyun and Suho’s voice stand out when one listens to it.The freewheeling chorus is as bright and alive as they have ever sounded ever.


Wolf choreography is really something need to watch. It’s not easy pulling off a dance like that, and choreography was  really made for 12 people to perform.The precision of the hand movements and body angles to form a moving tree must have taken lots of discipline and practice. That hook when they sing “SARANGHAEYO” it’s addictive and catchy word of the song. So it is our 5th in the list of 10 best songs of EXO

4.Call Me Baby (2015)

Bursting out of the gate with skyscraper-high energy, Call Me Baby invents a new jack swing for the modern era, infusing a swirling hook and beat. Instrumentally and musically, Call Me Baby has a lot to offer to the listener and even catches the attention of anyone new to K-Pop immediately.Vocals of each of the Members has been tremendously well used and so we list it as 4th best song of EXO band


3.Ko Ko Bop (2017)


New single Ko Ko Bop is a step up in quality.This genre is more inclined to paint a laid-back mood than deliver a dynamic conversation-starter of a song, and that tendency is the most surprising thing about Ko Ko Bop.This song just makes you addicted when you listen in repeat mode and the dance makes you follow the vibe of song. It is released in 2017 and now listed in one of the top 10 best songs of EXO

2.Monster (2016)

Monster‘sbass-heavy assault takes us into the night time hours, pulling the group back to the dramatic, dark  fantasia with aesthetic rhythms. The raps, in particular, suit the song a lot more. Chanyeol and Sehun’s husky and raspy voices really do wonders to this song. The vocals come together quite well and the power behind the vocals suit the song quite well. It is a song that oozes energy and the vocals exhibit the perfect amount of that power needed.


Their most iconic song, and one of the best known K-Pop tracks till now. On its own, the addictive beat is enough to land this song solidly on the top position, but paired with the members charismatic vocals and thumping hook, it’s almost unbeatable.So folks, we call Growl  as the best song of EXO 

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